From Inspiration to Action;
From Project to Reality:

Building a wooden fenceWe are all working in unison to complete the project of Love we have proposed and for which we were inspired.

We need the pledge of our group, that we are ready to make large and small sacrifices.

Let us show you some points that may give you more clarity about what we are doing and what we can achieve with everyone’s help.

Seven months ago we bought the property for the future Retreat Our Lady of Lourdes. From that moment we started and have nearly completed the work of converting the existing house on the property into a Fellowship Hall.

We have built a wooden fence around the entire 2.5 acres of land and are now in the process of designing the Retreat Center, to have 40 rooms, each with a private bath and a large Conference room. There will also be two smaller conference rooms and an office in the main building.

We also have a spacious chapel and large room that have already been remodeled. With your help we have been able to form a group of directors pledged to our non-profit organization: Retreat Our Lady of Lourdes, Inc.

Our Campaign, The Fruit of Love is Service, is inspired by the words of Our Beloved Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who for love, like Jesus, gave herself completely to the needs of the most humble and needy. Likewise, in our Retreat souls will be healed.

Love, Forgiveness, Service, Peace, the four pillars of this New Reality of Love in Action.  Retreat NSDL/OLOL is already a Reality.  Will you join with us?

Our Master Plan


"The Lord builds the House..."

Construction of a fence around the property. Remodeling the Chapel.
Remodeling the House into a Salon-Dining Room – This will be complete by October 1, 2010.
Design plans for construction of the 40 rooms and large conference room – in process, to be completed by October 3, 2010.
Talks with the City of Houston about connecting to the water/sewage system – In process.

Future Stages: October 2010 - January 2011

"Everything is possible with Our Lord", because He is our Guide, our Strength, the Light and the Life


Joint Project with the City of Houston for construction / extension of the sewer system, with the objective of bypassing the septic system in use to join the City of Houston sewage system. This would also favor all the properties around us, since they could connect to the City system.

Approval of permits and plans for construction of 40 rooms and a large conference room.
Preparation of the property for construction.


Construction of the 40 rooms, with private baths, capacity 120 persons. Repave / redesign parking area.
Forestation of green areas.

To carry out this Project of Love, we all must make a little more sacrifice. This implies being more generous and also pledging to encourage all the parishioners to do the same. Obviously, the resources of each family are different.  We can’t all promise the same amount, but we all can make the same sacrifice, making a monetary pledge for this campaign.

Our Campaign “The Fruit of Love is Service” challenges us all, for Love toward our Neighbor and our own families, who will benefit from retreats to this Place of spiritual Encounter, to contribute monetarily. This contribution will be an Act of Love, of Promise, of Sacrifice and Service.

“Loving is Giving Yourself to Serve, Love is Sacrificing Yourself and Pledging Yourself; and nothing can compare with the Happiness and Peace this produces in us, when we all win”, reflect our founding brothers. Faith without works is an empty Faith, Saint Augustine teaches us.

Prayer: that Our Father may bless and cause this work of Love to grow, for Him and for our brothers. United in prayer and love, we will construct ties of Friendship and Fraternity. What better heritage and testimony for our children and future generations.

People of vision, valor and deep Faith, we thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity.

Your brothers in Christ,
José Luis y Flavia Domínguez

Prayer of the campaign

Our Goal

The Directors and friends of Retreat Our Lady of Lourdes have reached the conclusion that we need to begin a campaign to gather the funds needed for Phase 2, constructing our Retreat.

The reason for our campaign “The Fruit of Love is Service” is to gather at least $ 2,500,000 to be used in phases 2 and 3 of the project: construction of 40 rooms with private baths and large multiuse conference room.

How can we participate? How can you pledge?

Through your participation this campaign will succeed. Each family is asked to consider a pledge of $ 3,600 dollars; after an initial payment of $ 360 dollars, it is $ 90 per month for 36 months. That is less than $ 3.00 a day! It is like a cup of coffee you don’t drink, or a snack; can you make this small daily sacrifice?

A call to your generosity.
Choose to contribute.

"To love is to serve"

 We know that a pledge of $ 3,600 will be a challenge for some families, so it is vital for success in our campaign for those who can to make larger pledges to do so.

Every person is asked to consider that their generosity is a reflection of gratitude for all the blessings God has given them.

This is our Retreat and only with sacrifice can we attain our goals. Your decision is personal and confidential. We trust in your good heart, since we are one body, one community and one spirit.

How to make your pledge:

Donations in cash, by check: remit your check in the name of Angels of Hope, Inc, the management company for the Retreat, the address is: 2107 Lexington St. Houston, TX 77098

Donations of Stock: please contact the campaign office for more information at 713-533-0111 or by email at

Gifts via IRA, for persons aged 70.5 or more: please contact the campaign office for more information
at 713-533-0111.

Christ is calling you; Christ needs you.

God has no body but yours... Yours are the eyes with which the compassion of God looks on the world. Yours are the feet with which He walks about doing good.

Saint Teresa of Avila

What our customers
are saying:

"Thank you very much for your support Flavia, God Bless you. :)"

Bertha -

"Flavia, thank you very much for letting us count on you at every moment, and for the support of everyone from the Lourdes Retreat Center team. The facilities are very nice and we give the cooks a 10 out of 10!
It was marvelous just like everything our God creates. It was also very special for us to have been the first ACTS retreat at your facility. May God keep blessing you."

Miel -

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