The Retreat House Our Lady of Lourdes (Retreat Our Lady of Lourdes, Inc) is built on 8 acres, a property surrounded by fruit trees and other varied species. These beautify the property and add to the environment of tranquility and harmony arising from the green of the property and the blue of the sky that seem to combine in a sensation of great peace. In it we can take advantage of a chapel with capacity for 250 persons, a meeting room of 2,600 square feet, dormitories for 104 people, and a
2-story conference room with capacity for over 200 people on the first floor and over 100 people on the second floor. There is also a dining room area, called Fellowship Hall, which can also be used as a multipurpose room.

With its beautiful views of the grove of trees surrounding the property and gracing the landscape, the Retreat House Our Lady of Lourdes is a comfortable environment for reflection and meditation and helps us feel in contact with nature and our Creator Father.

For your convenience, the directors have their own office/house on site so any office or maintenance needs can be addressed right away.

Call or Email us to schedule a tour of the facilities.

Facilities of the Retreat House Our Lady of Lourdes

Facilities of the Retreat House Our Lady of Lourdes



Our Chapel

Our Chapel

In veneration of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Virgin has given her name to our Chapel. It has an altar and ambo for the lector, images of our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady of Lourdes and the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Chapel also has a large room that can be used as an extension of the chapel or be closed off and used as a meeting room, for conferences, reflection room (approximate total 1,800 square feet). At the entrance to our Chapel there is a large foyer that welcomes us to this place of encounter with Love and Peace, uniting us with our Father and Lord and with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall

Our Fellowship Hall is a house that has been renovated to serve as a large multi-purpose room. In our space of 2,000 square feet, we have comfortable chairs and tables that will allow groups ample room for simple meals, lectures or other gatherings. The room includes a kitchenette with plenty of counter space, refrigeration units, ice machine and microwave oven.

What our customers
are saying:

"Thank you very much for your support Flavia, God Bless you. :)"

Bertha -

"Flavia, thank you very much for letting us count on you at every moment, and for the support of everyone from the Lourdes Retreat Center team. The facilities are very nice and we give the cooks a 10 out of 10!
It was marvelous just like everything our God creates. It was also very special for us to have been the first ACTS retreat at your facility. May God keep blessing you."

Miel -

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